The terms of service

This website uses its own operating system to provide Internet services to users through the International Internet. At the same time, users must:

Equip yourself with the necessary equipment for Internet access, including a PC, modem or other necessary Internet access device.

Bear the telephone charges and network charges related to the service for personal Internet access.

Based on the importance of the Web services provided by this Site, users agree that:

Provide detailed and accurate personal information. Update registration information continuously to meet the requirements of timely, detailed and accurate.

This website does not disclose users' names, addresses, E-mail addresses and pseudonyms, except in the following cases:

The user authorizes the Website to disclose this information.

Relevant laws and procedures require the website to provide users' personal data.

Users are required to disclose such information to third parties of the Company in order to participate in activities on the Website.

If the information provided by the user contains incorrect information, the website reserves the right to terminate the user's qualification for using the website.


Denial of guarantee

The website makes no warranty of any kind, whether express or implied, for the user's personal use of the Network services. The site does not limit implied warranties of merchantability, appropriate warranties for a specific purpose and not in breach of regulations. The website does not guarantee that the service will meet the requirements of users, nor that the service will not be interrupted, nor does it guarantee the timeliness, security and occurrence of errors of the service.



The content of this website may be incorrect or contain typographical errors. The Website disclaims all implied and/or express warranties and does not warrant the correctness, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the content. The website shall not be liable for the content or anything published on or linked to the website, including but not limited to any errors, errors, omissions, infringements, libel, lies, or other information or omissions which may be illegal or which may give rise to claims or complaints. Use of this website and content is at your own risk. There are warranties, express or implied, including any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. This website is subject to change from time to time or regularly. Please check the information from time to time. This website provides the materials and services as they are, to the fullest extent permitted by law, without any express or warranty of any kind. This website does not acknowledge that the website does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the information. The Website shall not be liable for errors or omissions in the content of the Website, or for deletion, transmission errors or non-storage of any user communications or personalization devices.


The website does not warrant the following:

The Website is or will at any time be free from errors, the website and its servers are or will at any time be free from computer viruses or other harmful functions, any defects will be corrected, or the operation of the website is timely, safe and uninterrupted. If you need to repair or replace equipment or data due to your use of the website, the website shall not be responsible for any costs incurred thereby.

Due to the use or not use this web site, or any failure, error, omission, interruption,, defects, delete or transfer delay, computer virus, communication line failure, the interception of online communication, software or hardware problems (including but not limited to loss of data or compatibility issues), theft, damage or change, Whether it is because of the use of this web site or upload to this website or downloaded from this web site or publishing data, text, images or other data or information directly or indirectly caused by the breach of contract, tort, negligence or any other cause any kind of damage or injury caused by (including but not limited to accidental damage, collateral damage, loss of profits, or loss of data or business interruption caused ), and whether or not the Website has been advised of the possibility of such damage, the Website or any third party mentioned on the Website shall not be liable to the extent permitted by law.

The information contained or provided on this website is informational only and is not intended at all for trading or investment purposes. The Website assumes no responsibility for the correctness, usefulness or availability of any material transmitted on the Site. The website also assumes no responsibility for any transactions or investment decisions made based on such information.


Storage and restrictions on user information

The website is not responsible for any failure to delete or store any information posted by users. The Website reserves the right to judge whether the user's behavior conforms to the requirements and spirit of the Terms of service of the website. If the user violates the terms of service or the provisions of the law, the website has the right to interrupt the provision of network services.


User management

Users are solely responsible for publishing content. User's use of the Services is in accordance with all national, local and international legal standards applicable to the Site.


Users must follow:

The transmission of technical data from within China to outside China must comply with the relevant laws and regulations of China.

Do not use network services for illegal purposes.

Do not interfere with or disrupt network services.

Comply with all network protocols, regulations, procedures and practices for using network services.

The user shall promise not to transmit any illegal, harassing, scandalous, abusive, threatening, hurtful, vulgar, obscene and other information. In addition, users cannot transmit any information that incites others to commit a criminal act; Failure to transmit information that contributes to adverse conditions in the country and concerns national security; Do not transmit any information that does not comply with local, national and international laws. Unauthorized access to other computer systems is prohibited. If the user's behavior does not comply with the above mentioned terms of service, the Website will immediately cancel the user's service account based on its independent judgment. Users are legally responsible for their actions online. If users spread and spread reactionary, pornographic or other information in violation of national laws on the website, the system records of the website may serve as evidence of users' violation of laws.



Users agree to protect and safeguard the interests of all members of the Website, and shall be responsible for paying lawyers' fees and compensation fees for damages caused by users' use of the Website beyond the service scope.


The end of the service

Users or the Website may discontinue one or more network services at any time as necessary. The website shall not be liable to any individual or third party for interruption of service at any time. Users who object to the subsequent modification of the terms or are dissatisfied with the service of the Website may exercise the following rights:

Stop using the web services of this website.

Notice that this website stops serving this user.

After the user service is terminated, the user's right to use the network service is immediately terminated. Since then, users do not have the right, nor does the Site have the obligation, to transmit any unprocessed information or unfinished services to users or third parties.



All notices addressed to users can be delivered via announcements on important pages or via E-mail or regular letters. Notice of amendments to the terms of service, service changes, or other important events will be made in this form.


Participate in advertising planning

If users to join in their published information publicity materials or involved in planning the advertising, or in this display their products on the website of free service, any such promotional methods, including transport goods, payment, service and business conditions, guarantee and description are related to the advertising in the corresponding between users and sellers advertising. The Website assumes no liability, and the Website is under no obligation to be responsible for any part of such advertising sales.